Welcome to my homepage!


Thank you for visiting my website. The love for shepherd and sheepdog breeds has been present in my life since I was a child. Tending and grazing a cow herd with my grandfather and with the help of pumi, mudi and German shepherd dogs on a daily basis in summer influenced and sealed my future occupation, so to speak. For the past 10 years, keeping Central Asian Shepherd dogs and getting to know their bloodlines better has been keeping me busy. My first Central Asian Shepherd dog, C Lubim Medzhal Ala (hereby sending my acknowledgements for Edita Voplakal for this wonderful specimen), arrived to me after 2 years of research, careful circumspection and making several journeys. It is safe to say his arrival sort of set the snowball rolling, considering later events. I, like many before me, was initially blinded by show dog breeding and the atmosphere of exhibitions. I, however, consider myself lucky, for I was blessed with healthy dogs, at least.

As the years went by, constant mating requests and litters eventually made me feel a sense of emptiness, thus I began to dig deeper and deeper into the breed’s history, mapping its main bloodlines in my spare time.

I was no longer attracted to exhibitions with white dogs, one bigger than the other and their owners outbidding one another. I was, however, all the more interested in the character and build of a given dog, as well as „rebreeding” them to families and bloodlines (which, however, is sometimes I only employ prudentially, as a result of my previous experience).

This is how I eventually ended up with more serious Shepherd Dogs, such as Turkmenian „Wolfslayer” (Alabaj).

I was taken with admiration towards the breed, soon importing specimens. The dog family I have bred, somewhat overshadowing my highly respected and dearly beloved dogs of Russian bloodline, consists of the representatives of leading Turkmenian bloodlines, champions and championship finalists’ pups and descendants.

Last but not least, I wish to thank my wife, family, and friends (Anikó Rédeiné Pintér, Andrea Lauko, László Vidák, Sándor Dukai, Dániel Galambos, Miklós Szabó, László Leopold, Gergely and Kata Köpcsényi) for their support.


Patrik Németh (Native Wolfhound Basis)"